“Whether you prevail or fail depends more on what you do to yourself than on what the world does to you.”

What is the true passion?  It is not simply being hyper active and outgoing positive.  These are outward things, not necessarily the core! 
In my opinion, a true passion (in the domain of career aspiration) is a quiet strength deep inside you that supersedes titles, salaries, authorities, and people’s favors (being liked and accepted by people) to make a long-lasting positive impact on your current responsibilities.  There are two key words in this sentence.  “Quiet strength” and “Current Responsibilities”!  A true passion comes from a quiet strength.  It does not speak loud but acts quietly.  It does not boast loud but counts small milestones to get better.  Also, a professional with a true passion does not worry too much about (although he/she does reflect in the past and plan for future) the past or the future.  She simply looks at her current responsibilities and does her best (and extra) in her responsible area!
What is your career passion?  If it is only linked to titles, salaries, authorities, and trying to be liked and accepted by people, I suggest you may want to examine your career passion.

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